Designed For Family

Introducing around the clock safety & security in the palm of your hand. No matter where life takes you, connect with our 24/7 emergency response team with the click of a button. Built in two-way voice and GPS allows you to feel safe on the go, wherever you go.

Turnip Home Safety Solutions
Maintaining independence with the reassurance of knowing help is a single press away.
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Built in Two-Way Voice Speaker
  • Family/Caregiver Monitoring Portal
Libra Device
The Leaf
Designed with industry leading fall detection, built in GPS & location services, and two-way emergency verification.

Includes the pendant, charging station, necklace, belt clip, and access to family/caregiver web portal
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  • Instant Communication to Experts
  • fall icon
    Automatic Fall Detection
  • Water Resistant
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Turnip's Medical Solutions come with a 30-day money back guarentee. Give us a try today and we'll ensure it's the best decision you've made for your family.
How It Work's
Peace Of Mind
With built in GPS and coverage across Canada, keep things simple without the need of a cell phone
  • Emergency

    When a fall is detected or the emergency button is pressed, the device initiates the call sequence

  • Professional Assistance

    Using two-way voice verification on the device, our experts determine the emergency

  • Family Notified

    When an emergency is confirmed or the user is not responsive, emergency contacts are notified

  • Emergency Response

    Emergency services are dispatched if required or family is unavailable to assist

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  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 3 year limited warranty

Safety To Go

Utilizing on-board GPS and location-based services, we're able to help emergency response teams pinpoint the user's most recent locations to get them the help they need. This is made even easier with a battery life of up to 48 hours.

Turnip Home the leaf
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Pinpoint Accuracy

When the emergency button is pressed, our trained professionals are able to pinpoint an approximate address of where the device user may be located. The same location services occur when a fall is detected from the device.


The Leaf

  1. Cellular signal strength indicator
  2. Battery indicator (surrounds the call button)
  3. Call button initiates two-way communication
  4. Speaker to hear your response team
  5. Microphone allows response team to hear you
Frequently Asked Questions
Will the device work when I leave my home?
Your personal emergency response system is designed to be taken with you wherever you go. There is no base station required for the device, as long you’re within an area which has adequate cellular coverage, the device should operate as normal.
How will the emergency response team connect with me?
Once a fall is detected or the emergency button is pressed, our trained professionals will speak with you over the two-way voice speaker on the device. In the event of a true emergency, the appropriate response team will be dispatched to your location.
Am I able to wear the device in the shower?
Yes, your device is built to be highly water resistant and is durable for both the shower and the rain. Although it’s suitable for these type of environments, it should not be submerged in water for long periods of time.
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