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Introducing smart home devices to increase the overall functionality of your home. Speak with a Turnip representative to build the perfect security solution for your home and have one of our certified installers take care of the rest.  

Turnip Home Smart Solutions
Automate your home with the latest smart home devices. Ease of use, at the click of a button
Top Protection Bundle
Smart Door Lock
Full control of your doors from a mobile device, simply unlock or lock your doors with the touch of a button.
  • Receive real-time when family members are coming and going
  • Setup multiple disarming codes to verify who's entering your home
  • Forget your key? No problem, we have you covered
  • Disarm your system with the unlock of your doors.
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Basic Home Protection Package
Smart Touchpad
Increase control of your home, manage lights, locks and thermostats from tablet on your wall.
  • Receive noise alerts of the opening & closing of doors
  • View your entire property with live access to cameras
  • Receive doorbell notifications with a customized chime
  • Setup scenes to increase the automation of your home
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The Perfect Starter Kit
Smart Thermostat
Save on your energy bill by scheduling the temperature inside of your home.
  • Custom scheduling of your cooling & heating conditions
  • Remotely view & control the temperature of your home
  • Receive notifications of sudden temperature changes
  • Keep your home & pets cool throughout the day
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Full Service. Complete Automation. One Solution.
Choosing the right system for your home isn’t always easy. Here’s how we can help.
Expert Advice

Chat with one of our brand representatives to gain a full understanding on our products & services, and we’ll guide you towards customizing the ideal security system for your home.

Professional installations

Have your system professionally installed by one of our certified technicians to ensure it gets taken care of on time and without any mistakes. We understand your time is valuable and we’re happy to help.

Advanced Technologies

Increase the capability and security of your home with access to extended products and services. You can never have too much automation or protection when it comes to your home.

24/7 Monitoring

Stay connected to our support agents who aid in dispatching emergency services in the event of an emergency. Relax and enjoy your time away with family while we ensure your home is protected.

turnip savings
10 Day Money Back Guarantee
Turnip's Full-Service option comes with a 10-day money back guarantee. Give us a try today and we'll ensure it’s the best decision you've made for your home.
Price Guarantee
Clearly stated equipment and monitoring costs ensure your monthly investment is crystal clear. Best of all, once your equipment is paid off, we automatically drop your rate. Fair and transparent pricing, that’s the Turnip Guarantee.
two way communication
Exceptional Service
We understand there’s more to choosing a security company than just products & pricing. We believe having a strong, passionate, and caring team is what matters the most. At Turnip, we’ve maintained a strong value towards hiring the right team members to work with us to ensure you receive the best customer experience imaginable.
Real-time notifications
Real-time notifications on opening/closing of doors providing you alerts anytime your home is entered. Event reporting of arming/disarming, no more wondering if you’ve forgotten to arm your system
two way communication
Two way audio calls
With two-way audio on all cameras, stay in touch with your pets throughout the day or warn intruders of your presence. Motion detected alarm sounds sent from the camera, notifying intruders they’re being recorded
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  • 0% APR financing available today

  • Professional Installation

  • 10 day money back guarantee

  • Up to 5 year limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions
With the recent trend in DIY security, why would I need a representative or technician to help secure my home?
Although DIY security systems are a great solution for protecting your home, there’s still a benefit to having a representative customize the ideal system for your home in addition to the professional installation. Products such as: smart thermostats, smart door locks, wall-mounted touchpads, and outdoor cameras are only available under the full-service solution as they require advances installation procedures.
Is a professionally installed system better than a DIY system?
Both options come with their unique benefits, therefore it’s dependant on what the individuals needs are. Despite the increased costs of a full-service option, you gain access to additional equipment and extended warranty.
Will my security system still operate if my power or internet goes out?
Turnip’s full-service security systems come with a 24-hour back-up battery as well as cellular back-up card. What does this mean? In the event your power goes out, the back-up battery will keep your system operating under normal conditions. Likewise, if your internet drops you will still have full control over your security system as the cellular back-up card connects your system to the local cell networks.